Dr. Peng Wen, Ph.D

Dr. Peng Wen, Ph.D

Raised in rural Taiwan in a non-Christian family, Wen—who retired in July 2019 as professor of business administration and economics, and director of the MBA program—came to the U.S. in 1985 to earn his MBA at the University of Oklahoma City and PhD of Economics at the University of Florida. When He just Arrived the US, he joined a Bible study to help his English proficiency and learned more than he bargained for. “To practice English conversation, you have to ask questions, to ask questions you have to read ahead,” he says. Wen made his confession of faith four months later.

An ad in The Chronicle of Higher Education brought Fresno Pacific to Wen’s attention while he was finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Florida at Gainesville. He came in 1990, looking for a place to share his faith through teaching economics and finance. “When this job was offered to me I said, ‘Perfect,’” he says.

There have been offers since—he was tempted by one from financial giant Goldman Sachs. “I prayed about it and realized that’s not about mission, that’s about the material,” he says.
Mission drives Wen. “God calls me to start a church wherever I am,” he says, including one in Gainesville and the Chinese Fellowship at Bethany Church, Fresno. In 2019 Wen started to go to China to train church leaders. He will continue at Bethany church Chinese Fellowship until he trains a successor, then plant more churches in mainland China and Taiwan. As he told Christian Leader magazine: “When I confessed my sins to Jesus, I said ‘I don’t desire just to know you, I desire to make you known.’”

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